Vole Removal

vole trails and mounds
Vole removal is essential to put an end to lawn, turf, tree and garden damage.

The best method of vole removal on the market today is poison.  Poison will kill these rodents and they then die in the ground, ending the problem.  There is no smell, no mess, and no need to remove the voles’ bodies from the premises.  This kind of vole removal is a very clean process.

Vole removal is a good practice because an unchecked vole population will draw in predators.  Foxes, coyotes and skunks all feed on voles.  These animals may help you with vole removal, but then you have to deal with foxes, coyotes and skunks on your property.  Vole removal will solve the vole problem and prevent a host of other problems.

For your vole removal needs, try our 3-part poison mix.  It is highly effective at killing voles.  We have used this poison mix for many customers and have experienced good results.  Trapping is neither a practical nor an effective method of vole removal, but our poison does the job very well.