Squirrel Trapping

squirrel in cage trap
These squirrels were captured in a standard live trap.

Several squirrel trapping options are available.  Depending on the circumstances and local laws, Allstate uses both live squirrel trapping and kill trapping.

Live Squirrel Trapping
Wire cage traps are frequently used for squirrels.  The animals go into the trap but cannot go out, and so are caught.  These cages are available in a variety of dimensions, making them easy to use in attics, on rooftops, and underneath eaves. 

Vent traps are another kind of live trap.  These consist of a tube leading out of the squirrel hole and into a box.  Similar to the cage trap, the squirrel goes in but cannot go out because of the one-way mechanism in the trap. 

After the squirrels are live trapped we take them off site and deal with them in accordance with local laws.

Squirrel Kill Traps
Jaw traps and snap traps are available in appropriate sizes for squirrels.  These body-gripping traps kill the squirrel quickly.  Once killed, the carcass must be promptly disposed of in order to avoid spreading disease.

Squirrels may be cute looking, but it is best to get rid of them.  They leave filthy droppings wherever they go, and can cause significant damage if they chew on electrical wiring and start a fire.  Allstate Animal Control professionals are your squirrel trapping experts.

squirrel trap
Our wildlife control technicians capture squirrels and remove them.