Wild Rats

rat entrance hole
Rats can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter.

At Allstate Animal Control, we deal with wild animals all the time.  They are definitely not anything like domesticated pets. 

My nephew has a pet rat named Mrs. Brisby (Remember "The Secret of NIMH?").  Brisby, a domesticated rat, is practically a different animal than a wild rat .  Brisby is a social animal.  She is accustomed to people and will approach them.  She sniffs around and explores a little like a dog does, and moves much more slowly.  My nephew plays with Brisby all the time and lets her climbs up and down his arm and ride around on his shoulder.  She is so tame; I know my nephew would keep her in his bed at night if his mother would allow it.

On the other hand, I immediately know a wild rat when I see it because they move so fast and because of the damage they cause.  They are always on the alert, with ears up, fur bristling, and back arched.  Think of the rat on "Lady and The Tramp," you know the one at the end of the movie that goes into the baby's room?  These animals look like they're about to spring, just like that rat in the movie.  Although they look quite vicious, if you approach one it will run away from you (unless it is sick or something else is wrong with it.  Don't play with fate--just leave it alone). 

If a wild pest rat lives on your property, it belongs to you.  It is your responsibility to have it exterminated if you want the problem solved.  Some people think rats are a problem for the city or county animal control, but you will find that animal control does not agree.  They consider rats to be your pest and your problem.

There are more than 75 species of rats, but mostly I encounter two kinds: Norway rats and Roof Rats .  They have many natural enemies including owls, hawks, eagles, snakes, cats and dogs.  However, if you have rats in or on your property, the best rat predator is ME.  I am the best at catching and removing or exterminating rats.  I have been doing this for so long, I know rats and their habits inside and out.  I absolutely know how to get rid of rats.

I would love to assist you with your animal control problem.  The quicker we take action, the better it will be.  Call me at .

wild rats
These young wild rats look harmless, but they spread diseases and are capable of much property damage. Wild rats belong to the owner of the property they inhabit.