How to Get Rid of Pigeons

Allstate Bird and Animal Control, pigeons on a roof
Nuisance pigeons are a real headache. They are persistent, and can't be driven away.

I recently helped a customer who had tried everything he could think of to get rid of pigeons.  He had about a dozen birds that had taken over both his front outside entryway and a corner gable on the front of the house.  The birds were nesting and making a big mess on his front door. He first tried bird spikes which the birds tore out.  He then built a few cages of lathing wire which they did not enter, and one of the cages they even tore apart.  Lastly, he resorted to installing a canine electric fence around the area which he double wired to provide a ground because birds are naturally ungrounded.  None of these things worked.

We were able to help this gentleman to get rid of his pigeons using our specialized traps.  It took several weeks, but eventually we trapped every bird and took them away from his property and euthanized them off-site.  He was so happy to finally have them gone.

Sometimes people will ask me to take the birds away and let them go somewhere else.  I understand their feelings of not wanting to hurt the birds, but where pigeons are concerned this simply is not practical.  These birds have a homing instinct and they will come back to roosting and nesting areas that they like.  It doesn’t matter how far away I take them, they will come back.  Our pest bird control operators know from experience how to get rid of pigeons, and that is to kill them.  It isn’t pleasant, but that is what is necessary for the job so we do it using legal and humane methods.

We sometimes use deterrents such as spikes and netting to get rid of pigeons and other pest birds.  These methods have limited performance, but for certain applications they are very successful.  If the problem birds can’t get to a location because the access is restricted by a net or by spikes, then they simply can't live there.  Sometimes these deterrents are enough to do the trick.

The important thing isn’t really the method used to get rid of pigeons; the important thing is that the problem is taken care of and the birds removed.  Pigeons multiply like rabbits and are tremendously disease ridden.  We recommend that for your health and safety you have them removed from your property right away.

Allstate Animal Control, pigeons in a rooftop trap
The most successful way to get rid of pigeons is to trap and kill them.