Pigeon Droppings

Allstate Animal Control, pigeon droppings covering balcony
There is no way to have pigeons and not have droppings, too. They are smelly, unsightly, and full of disease.

Pigeons are notorious defecators.  It does not take long for even a small population to develop piles and piles of messy, smelly pigeon droppings.  Sidewalks, ledges, cars, statues and rooftops are frequent targets. 

Pigeon droppings are unsightly, but they are also much worse than that.  They contain acids which can stain and deteriorate the surfaces upon which they fall.  Droppings can damage your building or vehicle permanently, adversely affecting property values.  That alone makes keeping uncontrolled birds around an expensive decision.

More importantly, when pigeon droppings are ruffled up in the wind or broken loose or cleaned up, they can spread disease.  They are very hazardous and should not be handled without protective equipment. 

We can get rid of your pest bird problem and we will clean up the pigeon droppings properly.  I have seen attics with 12 inches or more of crap that has built up over time.  It is very hazardous but we have the proper equipment and techniques to handle such situations.

We recently completed a pest bird removal project for a man who had pigeons roosting on the ledge above the front stoop of his building.  He said that the birds had been there for a long time, despite the spikes on the ledge. This man had hired a cleaning service that cleaned up the front stoop twice a week, but there was still always a large amount of pigeon droppings.

The two issues to address were the birds themselves and the mess they created.  We set our traps in an appropriate location and in about 4 weeks time captured all the birds that called this ledge home.  We also cleaned up the mess and sanitized and deodorized everything.  It is important to erase all traces of pigeon droppings, because they actually attract more birds to the site.  Pigeons eat a lot, and they crap a lot, and where one or two are more will follow.

Allstate Animal Control, accumulated pigeon crap
Pigeon droppings accumulate over time, posing a real health and safety issue for anyone who might slip and fall, or breathe their airborne particles.