Bat Control

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We install professional products, such as bat netting, to keep the animals from roosting in your structure.

My company was called to a home where people had tried to coexist with bats. I began to inspect the structure and discovered that piles of guano ("bat droppings") were as tall as 2 feet in various areas in their attic.  The home was badly damaged.  They didn't just need to get rid of bats , they needed total bat control .  Better yet, they could have put bat prevention measures in place and never had a problem at all.

Bats have great ecological value and are superior for insect control, but when they inhabit or even take over human structures, problems start.  Humans and bats just weren't meant to live together in homes, apartment complexes, schools, or other structures.

There are about 40 species of bats in the United States.  They differ in size and habits, but most that threaten human structures are nocturnal, relatively small, and live in groups of 100-500 or more, known as colonies. Bats' ability to fly, their nocturnal habits and their odd appearance all give rise to superstitions and fear.  I think bats are great and I do not fear them, but I do not want to live with them, and I don't think you should or would want to live with them either.

The easiest method of bat control is to prevent bat problems.  Bats colonize buildings as a matter of convenience.  Like thieves, they hit an easy target:  openings in the roof, dormers, gaps in siding, basically anywhere different materials meet. Don't let your building be an easy target! Careful maintenance can prevent bat infestation.  You should regularly inspect buildings for holes, cracks, damaged vents, open chimneys, damaged or missing roofing and other problems.  These defects don't just welcome bats; they allow access for other pests like mice, birds, snakes, and insects.  Repair, replace or maintain the exterior of your building.   I have great products such as sealants, metal fabrics and chimney caps for this purpose, which I install for a reasonable fee.

If bats have already colonized in your home, business or other building, you need a professional to help.  As a professional wildlife control operator, the first step I would take in controlling the bat colony is very similar to preventing bats: I inspect the structure.  I can fix what needs fixing, and I do so very carefully and in combination with a venting and/or humane trapping plan that will allow the bats to leave.  The access points must be closed in an order that lets the bats out of each infested area (there is often more than one area), doesn't separate them from their babies, and doesn't trap them inside. If possible, bats are best evicted around the first of September.  This allows the young bats time to develop and they are able to fly at that time.

Clean up must be done carefully with hazardous material equipment.  Do not clean up guano or other bat remains yourself or without protective gear.  There are dangerous bacteria, fungi and parasites present.  Protect your health-hire a professional! The hazards aren't just the bats, but also the heights that must be scaled to complete the process.

One final note about controlling bats: If you have heard that neighbors have bats, don't let your home be next! If your neighbors evict their bats, sometime the bats will search for a new home nearby.  It could be yours!  Call us for a bat inspection and we will perform the necessary maintenance to protect you. 

Bat control is a complex process and takes time.  If you have additional concerns or questions, I can help you control bats on your property.  As a pest control professional I have helped hundreds of people with all kinds of bat problems. I can help you over the phone, as a consultant using digital pictures that you provide, or with an on-site inspection and complete removal and control services, which include repair and clean-up.  Our five-step process will protect your home, school, business, commercial building, barn or other structure and keep it bat free.  I look forward to helping you with bat removal.

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Attic bats are a common problem.

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Some access points can be difficult to get to.

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Some buildings are just too tall to access by ladder.

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Every hole must be screened, filled or plugged.