Rabbit Repellent

rabbit repellent

Rabbit repellent is one tool available to homeowners, gardeners and farmers to control rabbits and reduce or eliminate damage due to the voracious habits and digging behaviors of rabbits.

The struggle between man and rabbit is a long one and the stuff of nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Basically, rabbits like to eat and humans prefer they do it in the wild. When rabbits move in and start to consume gardens, flowers, shrubs and crops, people want to get rid of the furry creatures. Rabbits are a lot less cute and cuddly when chewing a prize bean plant down to its roots.

Rabbit repellent can be effective in controlling rabbits, particularly when used along with other control and extermination methods including trapping and exclusion (fencing). Repellents are widely advertised and include a variety of basic types. Some are based on irritation, such as hot pepper oils. Others tout the usefulness of fear, promoting predator scents as effective repellents. Beware wasting your money on repellents endorsed and promoted only by people who are selling them. Slick advertising does not impress rabbits.

Most repellents available on the retail market have limited effectiveness. As they are purchased for use by the general public, their ingredients and concentrations take that into consideration. There are repellents created for professional use, and, like many professional grade products, these are higher quality and much more effective.