Dead Mouse

dead mice in traps

So, you have a dead mouse in your house or other building and want to know why and what to do about it.  Well, dead mice in structures are there for a few reasons.  Sometimes the animals fall inside a wall or even get stuck in some stupid way and can’t get out, eventually dying.  Occasionally, one simply dies of old age. 

Often, a dead mouse in a house is the result of poison.  People put out poison believing the old wives tale that the mouse will be driven from the house in a desperate search for water.  Wrong.  The mouse will die from the poison, but it is, more often than not, inside the house.  We had a customer contact us in near hysterics because a poisoned mouse had decided to expire on her heirloom quilt in a rarely used guest room.  By the time the smell drew her there, decay had considerably advanced.  Rot.  Maggots.  You get the picture.  Not good.

Anyway, as I just mentioned, while people will occasionally stumble across the carcass, it is more often the smell that alerts people there is a dead mouse around.  The stench will last anywhere from a few weeks to months, depending on environmental conditions.  The rotting carcass will attract insects, including maggots, and scavenging animals.  Snakes, raccoons and rats will seek access to dead mice looking for an easy meal.

Allstate Animal Control provides dead mouse removal services, whether the animal is located in the open, in a wall, or in an unknown location identified only by smell.  We have experience and will get rid of the mouse and clean up any extra unpleasant reminders that it was ever there.