Jarrod\'s Wildlife and Pest Control
Jarrod Yasenchok

            Jarrod’s Wildlife and Pest Control technicians and wildlife agents are trained to identify the issues at your home or business that allow animal and insect pests to enter and take up residence.  We use the latest technology and products to eliminate pest problems at their source.  Once rectified, we advise our customers on the best course of action to keep their homes pest free in the future.  When it comes to uninvited guests at work or at home, our motto is:



            Jarrod’s delivers affordable and effective Pest and Wildlife control in residential, commercial, and industrial environments.  Our technicians are certified and undergo continuous training, utilizing the newest technology and equipment to keep us one step ahead.  No matter what your pest control issues are, Jarrod’s offers a custom made solution that will fit your budget.

            In terms of wildlife, we cover everything from bats and rats to squirrels and raccoons.  Did you know that more than 260 million homes are invaded each year by nuisance wildlife? Jarrod’s humane trap and release methods are guaranteed to remove problem wildlife from your home or place of business.  Our wildlife agents relocate all captured nuisance wildlife and will seal up the entry points to keep other animals from getting in.  We can repair any damage and make it look like it never happened!

            Jarrod’s can perform pest control, fire ant control, termite control, bird control, rodent control, wildlife control and exclusion, and much more!  To learn more about us, visit  (copy and paste this link into another browser to follow it)  or give us a call at 706-221-8000.  You can even visit our do-it-yourself store at 7513 Veterans Parkway Columbus, Georgia 31909

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