About Us

Local Services

Allstate Animal Control is a professional wildlife trapping and removal company located in Northern Utah. Our local operators service all of Utah, Wyoming and Idaho. We are dedicated to addressing our clients’ pest bird, snake, and wild animal removal needs, both great and small.

Our wildlife removal technicians have extensive hands-on experience trapping and removing live birds, snakes, bats and other mammals. We have professionally trapped wild animals for close to a decade, and that service is our company’s main focus.

You may like to know that, as a group, we trappers love animals. We enjoy the wilderness, camping, and fishing in God’s great Nature. We also recognize the need for animals to be humanely trapped and removed from homes and businesses in order to protect property, where such practices are beneficial and appropriate. Our local professional wildlife control technicians acknowledge that at times, nuisance animals may need to be euthanized or relocated in order to solve the problem.

We are prepared to resolve any human/wildlife conflict in a professional and humane manner, and are proud to say that since our beginning in 1999, we have experienced much success and have many, many satisfied customers. We love what we do and are committed to providing the best style of service to meet our customers’ needs.

National Services

We receive many calls form people all over the United States requesting professional wildlife removal services. To address this need, we created a directory of professional trappers and wildlife control operators who are located throughout the United States. This network was purposefully designed to support our core business of professional animal control, and to provide comprehensive wildlife solutions. The directory can be accessed through our website at To use the directory, please follow the link and simply click on the state and city or county where service is desired.

Anyone, anywhere in the United States or the world, can use our directory to look for a professional trapping and removal service for hire in their local area. Our site is available in multiple languages to help achieve this purpose. If there is not a wildlife removal service listed on your area’s city or county page, please call us and we will see if we can find, for a fee, a professional trapper near you: 1-888-488-7720.

When a customer contacts us for on-site animal services outside our direct service area, we will create a work order and send a referral to the independent preferred technician nearest that customer’s location.

In addition to providing on-site animal, bird and snake trapping and removal services, Allstate Animal Control also provides off-site services via direct Internet and telephone coaching.  Using our clients’ digital pictures, and we will consult, advise, and ship traps and animal control products to those who desire to do the job themselves.  Our central goal is to help people find an answer to their pest bird and wildlife problems.