Platinum Wildlife Removal #6968
Kevin and Kyle Scappaticci

            As children, my brother Kyle and I would chase and catch animals at our grandma’s house.  It was mostly lizards, snakes, and the occasional mouse, but it was enough to start our love for the business.  Our father had a similar job to the ones we have now; between our family connection to the business, and our increasing interest in trapping and releasing animals, we’ve now run a successful Wildlife Control with one another.  We’ve kept our business running strong for 11 years now. 

            Not only have we been working these jobs for a long time, but we’ve always believed that the most important thing is to do the job right.  Too many companies these days take advantage of customers and only do half of the job, often leaving animals uncaught and bills piling up.  Not Platinum Wildlife Removal. Our specialty is wild animal removal and sometimes there is damage done that we just aren’t licensed to fix, but we will do our best to help you find someone who can.  We fully believe that you should finish what you start and you should do it right the first time.  Even when we hire technicians, we do our best to hire people with good personalities, a drive to finish a job, and a special attention to detail. 

3309 E Michigan Avenue
Jackson , MI