Stop Woodpeckers

Allstate Animal Control, installing bird netting
Bird netting is on way to stop woodpeckers from drilling holes on your building.

Woodpeckers can be stopped by killing them of course, but there are non-fatal methods that are just as effective at keeping these birds off your buildings.  Allstate Bird Control can stop woodpeckers from drumming and drilling on your property through the use of taste deterrents and sight deterrents.  We also offer special blocking products to stop woodpeckers from getting to your wood siding or stucco walls.

Woodpeckers can be extremely persistent and annoying birds.  Not only does their noise become bothersome, but also the holes will make your property less attractive.  Their holes act as doorways that allow other animals into your home.  Another reason to stop woodpeckers is that their droppings can stain your walls.

It is important to take steps to stop woodpeckers as soon as you realize they are there. These birds develop habits, and once they get used to your property they will not want to leave.  The sooner we can repel them and drive them away, the easier it is.  If the customer desires, we can install specialized roosting boxes on the property, in a place that is removed from the structure.  These boxes are attractive to the birds and can entice them to build their nests.  The key is to persuade them to relocate someplace away from your building and not come back.