Killing Voles

dead vole
Voles cannot be effectively trapped, scared, or driven away. They must be killed.

We have killed many, many voles for our customers.  They are not the kind of animal that can realistically be caught and released somewhere else; they are simply too numerous.  Also, they do great damage wherever they go and they are carriers of disease, so killing voles is the best way to manage an infestation.

Voles live in colonies.  Members of a small colony may number in the tens.  A large colony could easily have hundreds of individuals.  Imagine the havoc and damage done to a lawn when hundreds of small rodents come in and get to work eating.  It is not uncommon for a vole colony to move to an area overnight, as they search for new lawns, grassy meadows and root systems to chew on.

You’ll know you have a problem if you find trails through the grass and lots of holes the size of a silver dollar.  Some people try to kill voles by trapping them, but these animals are not very prone to trapping.  A much better method of killing voles is to use our 3-part poison mix.