Vole Droppings

vole holes and trails
Voles leave three things everywhere they go: holes, paths, and droppings.

Vole droppings look very similar to mouse scat, but in a greenish or grayish color.  They can typically be seen scattered along their trails and in their grassy nests, but droppings will also been seen anywhere that the voles go.   They are constantly eating and defecating, with no thought for where their waste lands.

These little rodents trample down trails through the grass by running through them over and over again.  They also tear up grass and use it to build their nests.  These activities continue all year long, even under the snow.  It doesn’t take long before vole droppings show up everywhere that the animals go, including their nests, trails, and holes.  Because vole droppings can contain dangerous spores and bacteria, it is best to not disturb them.  Sweeping them up can send the spores into the air, where they are inhaled by people.  These spores can cause severe respiratory illness or even death.

When we clean up vole droppings, we use protective respiratory equipment.  With vole droppings, it is better to be safe than sorry.  We recommend using our 3-part poison mix to get rid of the voles and prevent any more vole droppings.