Baby Swallows

Swallows are federally protected birds.  As such, when their nests contain eggs or chicks it is illegal for anyone to disturb them.  Once the baby swallows fledge (grow feathers and start to fly), we can remove both the birds and the nests and deal with the problem legally.

It is important to address the problem as soon as possible, and as soon as the baby swallows are grown, because this year’s baby swallows are next year’s adult birds.  The grown-up birds will attempt to come back to the same place where they were hatched to build new nests of their own.

Allstate offers a 4-part repellent mixture designed specifically for swallows.  This method is highly effective at getting rid of these nuisance birds.  As long as no baby swallows or eggs are present, we can apply our 4-part mixture and you will see immediate results.  Swallows are greatly annoyed by our repellent, but it does them no harm.  It merely encourages them to think that the place they chose to call “home sweet home” is not so sweet after all.  They will move on to a different location.