Squirrel Removal

squirrel vent trap
This is a vent trap. It allows the squirrels to walk into the cage, but they cannot get out.

Squirrel removal can be a delicate job.  Once a squirrel family has decided that your home is also their home, they are not easily evicted.  They love your warm, cozy attic, and getting rid of squirrels with an attachment is no simple thing.

Odds are if you have one squirrel, you have many squirrels.  In fact, even if your squirrels look like they are all fully grown, there is a good chance that one of them is the mother of the others.  They just tend to stick together in groups.  As humans, we are inclined to view this social tendency as a good thing, but it actually makes the removal process more complicated.  You see, if you manage to exclude one squirrel from, say, your attic, it will come back again and again, looking for the others.  The only way to do the job effectively is to get the entire family out at once and then seal off the access points for good.

My Services and Techniques

My animal removal technicians and I have years of experience, and we have an awesome method of removing squirrel families.  We first catch the mother, and then use a special combination of deterrents to play her instincts to get her to gather up the babies.  That done, we safely capture all the babies and get the entire family out at once.  You have to see it to believe it.  My clients are always amazed when I do this, and after seeing it they all agree that this is the only way to do squirrel control.  Once you see the entire process you will agree, too.

The professional traps I use to contain the animals are mostly small and steel.  They are effective and are used to safely transport the animals to their release point.  All my traps and methods are humane, and I always comply with the laws of the locality I am called to work in.

Sometimes, depending on the circumstances, I use vents to remove squirrels.  This is a device that simply lets the animal out, but not back in.  It is completely harmless; the only downside is that the squirrel is not far enough away to forget your home, and may try persistently to return.

If you need squirrels removed from your walls, attic, fireplace, chimney, or from between your floors, give me a call.  I can inspect your property and give you a complete plan, custom fit to your home and your situation.  .

dead squirrel in conibear
Squirrel removal can be accomplished with live traps or kill traps.