Squirrel Control

squirrel on walnut tree gathering nuts
We offer both indoor and outdoor squirrel control.

Squirrels are similar to rats and mice in many ways.  They are rodents that eat seeds, fruits, birdseed, and tree nuts which they gather and store for the winter.  They prefer to live in tree cavities, but a cozy attic will do fine, too. If you hear scampering, thumping, or chewing noises from above, you may have an animal infestation problem.  Squirrel in the attic is one of the most frequent complaints I hear, along with squirrels in chimneys and in walls. Rats, mice, or raccoons could also be culprit in these areas.

If you have flying squirrels, they are quite a different animal from ground squirrels.  Even without seeing the animals themselves, I can inspect your attic or crawlspace for animal droppings and tell you if your problem is flying squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons, or some combination of animals.  Once identified, I know how to get rid of whatever pest guest you may have.  Believe me, I have seen it all.  Whatever it is, we can remove it for you.

Squirrel playing on a branch, drawing
(Artwork by Sharon Davis. Contact us for her info.)

Just last week I had a lady call me with an animal problem in her house.  Part of the trouble was that she wasn't sure what kind of animal it was.  She hadn't seen it; she only knew something was in her home because her fresh flowers kept getting eaten!  I suspected a squirrel, and when I inspected her property I found droppings in several places and knew my hunch had been correct.  What probably happened was that the squirrel fell down the chimney flue into the fireplace and wasn't able to get back out.  I successfully removed the critter and the mess, then excluded other animals from chimney access with a special chimney cap.  Lastly, for total squirrel control , I sealed off all other potential access sites to be found in the home.  Cracks, holes, vents, etc., all need to be closed off to prevent intruders.  Doors are plentiful when you're small and nimble.

It's very important to begin animal control quickly when a creature intrudes on your home.  One important reason is that animals bring diseases with them.  Squirrels, bats, rats and raccoons can all carry rabies, which is a serious and deadly disease.  And that is only one of the many diseases they carry.  Do not mess around with this-keep your distance from any wild animal that enters your home and always call a professional for squirrel control .  My number is .  Feel free to put that on speed dial.

Another reason to act fast is to prevent all the damage squirrels will do to your home.  They will make your attic stink of urine and feces , and will destroy, chew, and mat your insulation.  A dead giveaway of animals in your attic is finding pieces of insulation outside on the ground.  Raccoons, bats and rats may also think your attic is a perfect home. Squirrels and rats will chew on power lines which, at a minimum, will cause problems in your electrical system. Of course, the bigger danger is fire hazard.

If you suspect animals in your house, look for openings near loose trim boards or holes in the roof gable vents; you have now seen your unwelcome visitors' private entrance.  There are likely many other "back doors" to the luxury suite that is your attic.  These entrances need to be sealed off, but for proper squirrel control it is crucial that all the animals are out before the gaps are sealed.  Otherwise, you could have a frantic animal trapped in your house.  Animals behave unpredictably when they are stressed, and it is never, ever good. 

I am a wildlife control professional.  I have years of experience and my trapping skills are unbeatable.  I can catch an entire squirrel family at once and keep them together.  My services also include removing dead animals , deodorization, sanitization, and treatment for mites, fleas, or ticks that may have accompanied the critters to your home.  In addition, I always seal off all entry points to prevent future access, literally inspecting every inch of your foundation, roof, utility entries, etc.  I want my customers to be so satisfied with my service that they will tell all their friends about me, so I provide excellent service every time.

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squireel electrical damage
Squirrel pose a great fire hazard because they chew into electrical wires.