Skunk Spray

skunk spray treatment by Allstate Animal ControlIf skunk spray gets into the house, take action at once. The more quickly the problem is treated, the better the results.

Skunks spray in order to defend themselves.  When they are scared by a person or by an animal, they use this natural defense mechanism in order to eliminate the threat.  This is very effectual; many predators leave skunks alone because they are aware of the consequences of messing with this potent animal.

Skunk spray is most often carried into homes by wind or by pets.  A common scenario is that a dog will be sprayed, then come inside and lie down on the couch or on the carpet.  That surface is then contaminated by the skunk spray.  Another common means of conveyance is that the animal is hit by a car and the smell gets on the vehicle which enters the garage and continues to be carried into the house on shoes.

When we trap skunks, we are very careful and take precautions to keep the animal calm so it will not spray.  When property has been sprayed we treat it as quickly as possible in order to get the best results.  Many insurance companies will help to cover this cost. 

Skunks will keep coming back to the same spot, so it is important to choose a permanent solution in getting rid of this animal.  We trap and remove them, and we can also install block-out and underground fencing made of metal fabric or slick material.  These methods are very effective in keeping animals from entering crawlspaces and spaces beneath porches and decks.

four skunks walking along
These creatures are beautiful, but their smell is enough to make people sick.