Skunk Repellent

skunk fence repellent installed by Allstate Animal ControlSkunks do not need a very large opening to get underneath a porch. They can also dig their own holes. A wire fence or a slick fence that extends below ground will prevent then from gaining access.

There are not many effective skunk repellent products on the market, and we do not recommend any chemical skunk repellents to our customers.  It is safer and much more effective to catch the animal in a live trap and remove it from the property.  An effective use of barriers is also a good way to keep them from living inside or beneath structures.

Sometimes people try to repel skunks by using chemical products in unsafe or illegal ways.  For example, they use mothballs as a skunk repellent even though the package contains a clear warning against placing this product where its chemicals will be smelled and inhaled by humans.  These and other products, if not used properly, can cause health problems and poisoning.

The best way to solve a skunk problem is to catch the animal and then relocate or euthanize it.  Depending on local laws, sometimes they can be relocated to an area where the likelihood of future conflict is low.  Other places have laws that require the animal to be euthanized and the carcass incinerated in order to prevent the spread of smell and disease.

Skunks will keep coming back to the same spot, so it is important to choose a permanent solution in getting rid of this animal.  Our technicians can trap and remove them, and we can also install exclusion or block-out materials.  We use slick products and metal fabrics to build underground fences which block out skunks.  These methods are very effective in keeping them from entering crawlspaces and spaces beneath porches and decks, and are really the best repellent you can buy.

skunk barrier installed around a porch by Allstate Animal Control
We can perform structural modifications to prevent skunks from getting under your porch, into your crawlspace, and other areas.