Skunk Odor

skunk odor treatment by Allstate Animal Control
Skunk odor is bad enough outside, but inside a home or office it is unbearable. The sooner we can treat it, the better the results.

If a skunk sprays in your yard, the odor can permeate the entire property.  The home, the garage, the yard, and any people and animals in the area will all be affected.  A small breeze can carry the spray throughout the building and contaminate the interior, and the smell can linger for months if not treated properly.

If a dog or other pet has an encounter with a skunk, the odor will come into the house on the pet and get on anything the pet touches: carpets, furniture, drapes, etc.  Similarly, if you run over a skunk with your car, the odor gets on the vehicle and enters the garage with you.  From this point it is tracked into the house, which is where it usually does the most significant and lasting damage.

Skunk odor is very difficult to deal with, and gets increasingly difficult to remove if treatment is delayed.  The smells can be neutralized or masked if treated with the correct chemicals and machines which we have.  We use special spray applicators to treat affected areas and to neutralize or mask the offensive odor.

The best way to prevent the problem from happening is to take steps to remove skunks from your property as soon as you know they are there.  This animal seldom goes away on its own, and it is only a matter of time before something startles or aggravates it, prompting a spray.  A professional trapper can catch and remove the animal, usually without causing it to release its scent.

Allstate Animal Control skunk trap with live skunk insideWhen it comes to skunks, the best defense is a good offense. Have the animals removed as soon as you know they are on your property, before they decide to spray.