Sewer Rats

sewer rat trap
Sewer rats tend to live below ground, so that is where their traps must be set.

When you think of a sewer rat, do you think of wisdom and dry wit, like the rat had on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?  If only all rodents were like Master Splinter (yes, sensei), I wouldn't have to get rid of the little vermin.  If you have these creatures living anywhere on your property, you are definitely well aware that the cartoon Splinter character was the complete opposite of what you are dealing with. 

Sewer rats are called that because--you guessed it--they thrive in sewers.  They also do very well in dumps, canals, and rivers.  They are excellent swimmers and their long, coarse fur protects them from dampness and cold.  They have poor vision, sharp hearing and an advanced sense of smell.  What do rats eat?   Anything they can find.  Adult rats are usually between 7 and 11 inches long (tip to tail) and are a bronzy or tannish-brown color.  These particular rats are nasty, ugly, wild, and ridden with filth and disease.  Take action to get rid of them, or the problem will get worse.  They do not go away on their own.

I was hired recently to get rid of rats by a man who had sewer rats come up from the sewer line right into his toilet.  Yes, that's right, HIS TOILET.  This guy was a tough-looking biker type, with tattoos and everything, the king of person that you'd expect could eat nails, you know?  He was so totally freaked out by seeing rats in his toilet, he had gone outside or to the neighbor's place for a few days when he needed facilities.  After I trapped them and brought out the dead rats , he looked like he could breathe easier.  Rats and mice will do that to people.  I can't really say I blame him.  I see a lot of gross stuff in my line of work, but rats in my home toilet would creep me out, too.

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