How to Get Rid of Rats

rat droppings rat poop
Rat droppings are filthy and carry disease.  This is just one reason to get rid of rats.

When I was a kid, I watched "The Secret of NIMH" so many times.  I thought Justin the rat was about as noble and brave as any character could be, rescuing the field mice and all.  From the movie I learned that rats have three natural enemies: 1) cats, 2) mud slides, and 3) falling cinder blocks.  At that time, I had no awareness that real rats are actually pests and dangerous to health and property.  I thought about how to save rats, not how to get rid of rats!

Since then, I have grown up, and I no longer have sympathy for the rats (although I still enjoy the movie with my kids).

My Services

Allstate Animal Control experts have several methods of eliminating rats and mice, squirrels, raccoons, you name it .   My animal control technicians and I know from extensive experience that every job we do is unique.  Animals could be on your roof, in your pipes, in the attic, or in the engine of a vehicle .  I have provided expert rat control services for many years.  I am pleased to say that so far I have been successful on every job!

Rat Traps versus Poison Rat Bait

The fastest way to kill rats is to catch them in a kill trap, or snap trap.  The trick is to get the rat to walk into the trap.  This can take some time, since the rats will initially be wary of a new object lying around.  After they acclimate to the trap's presence, they will be comfortable enough to approach it and snap! now you have a dead rat instead of a live one. A huge advantage of traps is that once the rats are caught in a trap, they can't go anywhere and can therefore be easily removed (as opposed to rats that die by poison).

Live traps are also available, and I will use them if that is what my customer prefers, but killing them is usually best since they are notorious disease carriers.  I also have a very effective product called rodent vents, which allow the problem animal to exit an area, but not come back in.  This kind of device is great for removing animals without harm, but the downside is that the rat goes on to become someone else's problem.  Once the rat leaves your home or business, where will it go? It may head straight to your neighbors and take up residence there, to their great dislike.  Or, it may try persistently to get back into your property.

Traps and vents are always preferable over poisons when the rat problem is indoors.  The reason for this is that once the rat eats the poison , it will go somewhere and die.  If the rat has access to your building it may very well die inside your wall or some very hard-to-access place.  Unless you have smelled dead rat before, you cannot imagine how bad the stench is.  Not to mention the bacteria.  However, for outside rats, poison can be a great option.  Outdoor rats will eat the poison and die in their holes, and all you may notice is a few flies buzzing around. 

When poisonous baits, or rodenticides, are the best option, there are a few things to do.  First, it is important to eliminate the current food supply.  Once hungry, the rats are drawn to the tastes and smells of the poison which comes in many different forms: liquid, block, pellet, and grain.  Whichever method we employ, our company is always cautious to ensure that the bait is located safely away from children and pets, and we have professional, tamper resistant bait stations for that purpose. 

Another answer to the how to get rid of rats problem is a product called "snake fencing" or "rodent fencing".  For this technique, I bury a wire mesh fencing with small openings two to three feet in the ground.  The top extends up about two feet and then a slip sheet or slick sheet is attached and extends three to six feet above the ground.  All of this is anchored to a sturdy fence, and this will stop most rodents.  Fences are good rat control solutions in garden areas or other outdoor spaces.  A metal fabric is also available for covering access areas that lead under a porch or building.

My technicians and I have perfected our rat removal technique.  To find out more about what Allstate Animal Control can do for you, call me today at .  I also remove squirrels, mice, bats, and other nuisance animals.

rat trap
One of the best ways to get rid of rats is to trap them.