Dead Rat Removal

dead rat
Dead rats must be removed promptly and handled carefully to prevent the spread of disease.

I know from firsthand experience that odors from decaying wild rats are severe enough to cause nausea and headaches.  After all these years of pest control, I am still not entirely used to the smell of dead rats; they simply have a stench all their own.  Depending on the size of the rat's body, it can take one or two years to decompose.  Like any other decaying matter, a rat corpse is a biohazard because it attracts maggots and breeds dangerous bacteria.  The area must be disinfected to remove the contaminants, and deodorized to get rid of the dead rat smell . Sometimes I even have to do insect control because of all the insects that amass on the body.

One time a woman called me telling me that she had put out poison for a rat, and now she thought it had died in her house somewhere.  She looked for it but just couldn't find it.  Now she was staying with her daughter temporarily because the smell was unbearable.  Sometimes you can just follow your nose to the body, but in this case the entire house smelled bad.  After a lot of hunting I finally located not one, but two large dead rats inside her ventilation system, rotting away.  Every time her heat kicked on, guess what filled the air in her house.  No wonder the whole place smelled like death.

I hate to say it, but that's actually a pretty common scenario.  Property owners try to save a buck and attempt to take care of their own rat problem and so put out poison to kill the rats. The problem with this is that it can take several days after ingestion for the poison to take effect, and by that time the rat has found a nice, cozy place to die.  The dead rat could be in the walls, between floors, underneath insulation.anywhere.  The offending corpse can be very difficult to find.

Sometimes removing a rat carcass is as simple as entering a crawlspace or attic and scooping it up.  Other times it means lengthy searching for the dead rats and may require cutting a hole in a wall or ceiling, which adds repair work to the process.  It's cheaper just to take care of the problem correctly to begin with!

Not only am I a professional rat trapper who knows how to get rid of rats , I also provide dead rat removal services. If you suspect that a rat or squirrel or raccoon or some other animal has died somewhere in your home or business, give me a call.  After removing the body, I also do clean-up, odor control, decontamination, and can locate the animals' access point(s) and seal them off to prevent further problems.

To save yourself time, money, and hassle, call the best. Me!  .

remove dead animal from inside wall
Sometimes we have to cut into walls in order to remove the dead rats and put a stop to their odors.