Raccoon Poison

Allstate Animal Control cage trap containing two live raccoons

Traps are a much better solution than poison.

Sometimes folks will ask me to recommend a poison for killing raccoons.  I do not recommend any substances for this purpose, and my technicians and I do not use poisons when dealing with raccoon problems.  There are three problems associated with this practice.

  1. I am aware of no poisons that are approved by federal laws for killing large mammals such as raccoons.  Legal substances must be registered, and there just isn't one.  If you try to kill them with D-CON you may kill them, or you may just cause internal bleeding in the animal.  Now how inhumane is that. 

  2. If you choose to use a poison for other than its legal purpose and you give it to a raccoon and it eventually does die, you will have no control over where it does so.  You may very well cause a bigger problem: that of a dead animal in your attic or inside a wall.  I guarantee you, this job will be messier, more expensive, more hassle, and just worse all around than a live removal job.

  3. With all poisons, there is the risk of sickening or killing a non-target animal.  Pets, birds, squirrels.these animals' lives are put in jeopardy when lethal substances are improperly administered.

The bottom line is this: poison is not the solution for a raccoon problem.  There are many other alternatives that I can discuss with you.  Every removal job that my technicians and I do is uniquely tailored to the situation, and I have never encountered a raccoon problem that we were not able to solve one way or another.  I am an animal removal specialist, and I or one of my experienced technicians can meet your every animal control need, legally and humanely.