Raccoon Extermination

Allstate Animal Control technician with a trapped, dead raccoon

We live-trap when possible, but sometimes the situation warrants a kill-trap.

When people ask me for raccoon extermination, what they really want is a solution to their problem.  I had a man call me once and say "every two days these animals have trashed through my garbage can for about a year.  Is there any kind of poison I can put there?  I'm just fed up and I want these things dead."

Raccoons can push ordinarily tolerant people to their limit because they are such persistent animals.  They are big enough and strong enough to do a lot of damage and take what they want.  It exhausts people's patience not to be able to drive them away.

That being said, extermination is not always the best answer.  In many cases it is not even legal.  Whenever I do an animal removal job, whatever it is, I obey the laws of the state and local area.  Some states require that raccoons be euthanized. Others require release in designated areas.  I do my best to give my customers what they desire, but I have to uphold the law.  If I do need to kill an animal, I do so humanely.

Whenever I evaluate a raccoon problem, there are a few things I always consider.  I know that I will never be able to catch every raccoon out there and eliminate it from your property for you.  We might see and remove one or two or ten, only to discover that there are 50 more living in your neighborhood.  The only real, lasting solution is to repair your home or other buildings, and terminate the access.

Siding, soffits, and dormers in disrepair are like magnets to wild animals.  Keep your home up.  I sell chimney caps and other specialized exclusion devices that allow you the functionality you need and the protection from animals you want, too.  If you have conditions that you believe are unique, we can arrange a phone consultation.  I can send one of my qualified technicians to do an inspection of your property if necessary.

The other thing I need to consider is that I don't want to give a raccoon to someone else as a problem.  Sometimes my customers want to install vents, which are one-way devices that let animals out but not back in.  While this is effective in some ways, it does nothing to remove the problem animal away from the site.  You may just be sending your problem over to your neighbor's house.

Lastly, consider the possibility of babies. If you choose to kill a grown raccoon, it just may be a mother with young.  This may not seem like a big deal to some, but it actually creates a bigger problem because the babies, unable to fend for themselves, will likely die somewhere (inside your wall, perhaps) and then you have a real mess on your hands and in your nose.

My animal control technicians and I provide expert trapping services, and we know how to catch entire families at once so nobody gets left behind.  One the animals are out, we repair and seal all access points, providing the maintenance you need to prevent future problems.  Our animal removal services are always a custom job.  We will find a solution that fits your needs exactly, and our goal is to leave our customers 100% satisfied every time.