Pigeon Trapping

Allstate Animal Control, pigeon trapping
Trapping is the most successful method of pigeon control.

Pigeons are temperamental birds, and trapping them requires care, patience and skill.  Pigeon trapping involves special lures, baits, and nutritional supplements to draw the birds in over a period of 4-6 weeks. 

There are special techniques involved in pigeon trapping which makes it a job for a professional.  Novices usually do not have a lot of success in truly controlling these nuisance bird populations.  When a bird trapper knows what he or she is doing and is knowledgeable in pigeon behavior, pigeon trapping is the most successful method of control. 

I want to make it very clear though, that pigeon trapping is only an effective method if the birds are killed after they are caught.  Killing birds and animals is not very popular, but capture and kill is absolutely the best form of control for these birds.  If they are not killed, they will simply return back to the place from which they were removed. 

Pigeons are creatures of habit.  When they become accustomed to a place they like, they will never give it up.  They have homing instincts that allow them to return “home” from great distances, even hundreds of miles.  Catch and release is simply not an option for such birds, as they will return again and again and again.

In addition to removing birds from your own property, pigeon trapping is a wonderful and often-used option for people who are disturbed and annoyed by birds on a neighbor’s property.  Our technicians can set traps discreetly, in locations that are not on the neighbor’s property and where the birds will likely come.  For all anyone else knows, the birds simply leave or disappear.  This is a favorable option that many of our customers choose to use when their neighbors refuse to get rid of nuisance pigeons, or even encourage them to stay.

After we remove nuisance birds, we can clean up all the mess, droppings and feathers left behind.  We do the job right from beginning to end.

Allstate Bird and Animal Control, pigeon cage trap
Once the birds are trapped, they can be safely removed and exterminated.