Pigeon Removal

Allstate Animal Control, technician removing pigeons
We trap and remove nuisance birds from all kinds of places.

Our technicians perform pigeon removal from areas large and small.  We frequently receive requests to remove pigeons from individual homes and businesses, where populations are usually quite small, and from schools, stadiums, churches and parks, where populations are sometimes quite numerous.  Whether there are a dozen or a hundred, pigeons removal is very effectual at controlling and eliminating these pesky birds.

In most cases, we rely on specialized traps for bird control.  These take between two and six weeks to accomplish the job, and work well for a variety of environments and population sizes.  Depending on local laws, the surroundings and the situation, sometimes we shoot these birds or use Avitrol poison to get rid of them.  If the doves take up residence in an enclosed place, such as an attic, we can take care of that, too.  All our methods of pigeon removal are effective when performed properly.

The thing that is most helpful in sustained pigeon removal is to eliminate their source of food.  Some people like rock doves and their cooing and enjoy feeding them, but this behavior encourages them to stay and invites more birds to come.  Free food is very attractive to these opportunistic birds, and they will come back again and again looking for additional handouts. 

When people keep pigeons as pets and contain and control them properly, there is no problem with that.  Certainly birds may be kept well and enjoyed as a hobby.  It is when the birds are uncontrolled or wild, scavenging wherever they might, defecating and dropping feathers and pestering people with their begging that they become a problem.

If you need pigeon removal, you have come to the right place.  Our techniques are tried and true.  We can develop a plan that is right for your situation and specific property characteristics.  We will get rid of the birds and clean up the mess, too.

Allstate Animal Control, remove trapped pigeons in a cage
Once the birds are trapped, they can be safely removed and exterminated.