Pigeon Prevention

Allstate Animal COntrol technician installing bird netting Bird netting can be an effective prevention method when it is installed correctly.

There are several methods of pigeon prevention, some of which are effective and others that are not.

Pigeon Prevention Methods

  • Extermination
  • Exclusion / block out
  • Cleanup of old droppings, feathers and mess
  • Bird spikes
  • Bird netting
  • Electrical shock
  • Reflectors
  • Statues of owls or other predators—LEAST EFFECTIVE

The most successful method of pigeon prevention is extermination.  Extermination is necessary because pigeons cannot be relocated; they will simply return “home”.  Even removing them several hundred miles away is not enough, so we always humanely euthanize these birds after we trap them to prevent them from coming back.

When Allstate Bird and Animal Control technicians trap and remove pigeons, we not only get rid of the birds themselves but also the accumulated droppings, feathers, nests, etc. that the birds leave behind.  If these materials are not cleaned up properly, new birds will be attracted to the area by the smells and nuisance birds will be a continual, recurrent problem.  Cleanup is essential to pigeon prevention.

Another type of deterrent is bird spikes.  Spikes can be very effective if installed properly, however, incorrectly installed materials will do little to deter these pesky birds.  I have seen nests full of chicks living among poorly constructed bird spikes--that is how ineffectual they were.  If done properly, they can do a lot of good.

Bird netting is also effective in certain conditions.  A net is simply a cheap wall; if the birds can’t penetrate it, they can’t roost and nest on the other side.  Netting works well to prevent pigeons from lodging in rafters, eaves, and other semi-enclosed areas.  Again, proper installation is key to its effectiveness.

Another kind of barrier method, or exclusion method, is to repair the weaknesses of a structure.  Pigeons are opportunists, and enter buildings that offer easy access.  We provide both temporary and permanent repairs to buildings and will seal up crack, holes, and gaps that have allowed nuisance birds and animals inside.  Building maintenance is a very important element of animal prevention; by physically blocking out the animals, we can prevent them from entering again.

In some cases we are able to set up an electrical system that will shock the birds when they land in a particular area.  This prevents pigeons from touching down, and they will move to a different location (although it may not be very far away).

Reflectors can work well as a deterrent, keeping birds away from electrical wires, cable supports, windmills, radio towers, and telephone poles.

Statues of owls and predators are easy to use, but they really don’t work well and we do not use them or recommend them to our customers.

Some areas just naturally draw pigeons.  They like to be up high, they need to be near food.  For large areas that these birds flock to, such as stadiums and rooftops of large commercial buildings, we offer maintenance contracts and periodic trapping to control populations.  When all is said and done, if we simply cannot prevent them from coming, at least we can trap them and keep the problem under control.

Allstate Bird and Animal Control reflector
Reflectors can work well as a deterrent, keeping birds away from electrical
wires, cable supports, windmills, radio towers, and telephone poles.