Pigeon Extermination

Allstate Animal Control, wire pigeon trap
We exterminate pigeons humanely.

When pigeons become a nuisance or a health hazard, the best thing to do is to trap and kill them.  It isn’t always popular to kill birds or animals, but pigeon extermination is simply a must in order to get rid of them.  They cannot be relocated or scared away; they simply return to the same place, even from a distance of several hundred miles.

Some people like to keep pigeons as pets, and that’s fine so long as the birds have specific roosts, are controlled, and kept clean.  When they are allowed to fly free and crap on neighbors’ property and are uncontrolled, pigeon extermination is in order because these birds are not safe for people.  They carry many, many diseases are generally very filthy birds.

Dog and cats owners are required to maintain control over their pet animals.  The same is true for bird owners.  If you have a neighbor who will not control their pigeons, we can help you.  We can trap the nuisance birds without ever setting a toenail on the neighbor’s property and within a few weeks the birds will be gone.  Your neighbor will have no clue what happened to them; it will be as if the birds simply disappeared.  We have done this very thing with great subtlety for many of our customers who thought they were out of options.  It works!

Another reason to exterminate pigeons is that if they are allowed to stay, they will draw more pigeons to the area.  They like to congregate together; rarely will you ever see one alone.  The newcomer birds will not just pass through, but will stay and contribute to the feathers, droppings, and general mess.  This particularly becomes a problem when they roost on rooftops with air handling systems; the ventilation fans draw the dust, spores, and fungi right inside where people breathe it.  This poses serious heal risks and liability issues.

The biggest misconception about pigeon control is that people don't realize that these birds can be trapped.  Professional trapping combined with pigeon extermination is absolutely the most successful method of nuisance bird control.

Allstate Animal Control, pigeon chicks in crap nest
Extermination is the most effective method for getting rid of pigeon problems. Droppings, nests, feathers, and disease will stay around as long as the pigeons do.