Mole Trapping

Allstate Animal Control wildlife removal technicians do not usually use live traps to catch moles.  Rather we use kill traps, or body-gripping traps, which grab the animal’s body, pierce it and kill it.

There are several styles of traps, and different wildlife control professionals have their preferences, but the most important thing in mole control is to use a snare that will effectively entice the mole into the trap.  Moles can be a bit tricky because they live almost their entire lives below ground.  This means that the traps must be set below ground, making them more difficult both to lay and to monitor.

Mole trapping can be accomplished and the pest animals successfully eliminated.  This is not a feat for amateur trappers, however.  Kill traps are not particularly easy to use, and it is best to have someone with experience lay the snares.  It is quite possible for a novice to injure himself with mole traps.

Allstate Animal Control offers professional trappers with experience in catching a variety of wild animals.  We can take care of your mole trapping problem, give us a try: 1-888-488-7720.