Mole Repellents

Only a few kinds of mole repellent have had some success.  Many of the products which are advertised as mole repellents simply do not work.  Generally, trapping is the preferred method because it is more effective.

There are a few kinds of mole repellent that we at Allstate occasionally use.  These are in the form of sprays that are applied to the grass.  The spray adds bitterness to the vegetation which moles do not like.  The effect of this repellent is that is drives the animals to another area, usually quite nearby.  You may find that they return when the effects of the spray have worn off.

We understand that people are sometimes reluctant to do moles harm.  After all, they are not malicious or dangerous animals; they are merely pests.  However, we have found that in order to be sure that the animals are gone for good, we have to kill them.  Other solutions, such as repellents, often turn out to be only temporary.  We are willing to use mole repellents if that is what our customer desires, but we try to be informative about the pros and cons of repellents versus trapping, and we encourage trapping whenever possible.