Mole Removal

Allstate Animal Control offers expert ground mole removal services.  We trap and remove moles from golf courses, fields, gardens and yards.  Occasionally we also poison moles.

Moles are strange little creatures, with an odd appearance.  However, if you have moles on your property it is quite likely that you will never see the animal at all.  They live almost entirely underground, rarely surfacing and so are seldom spotted by humans. 

Dogs sometimes can smell moles.  When this happens, the dog often contributes to the digging by pursuing the mole.  As a rule dogs don’t catch moles, but they will sure try.

The best way to remove moles is through trapping.  A wildlife control expert can determine the best kind of trap for your property, and the trap locations most likely to have success.  Our technicians have a lot of experience in catching moles and other wild animals, including mice and voles. 

Mice and voles frequently move in to areas where moles already are, in order to take advantage of the pre-built tunnel network.  One infestation could easily invite another, so it is best to remove the moles before more creatures come to call your property home.  Our technicians can inspect your property to determine which animals are present and recommend the best course of action.  Call us toll free at 1-888-488-7720.