How to Kill Moles

Moles are nuisances and pests.  They leave bumpy trails and hills of dirt everywhere they go.  They create a trip and fall hazard, and they kill roots systems of grass, trees, shrubs, flowers, and all kinds of vegetation.

The only way to control moles is to kill them.  They cannot be driven out or scared away.  They must be trapped or poisoned to solve the problem.  Of these methods, we prefer trapping because it is more effective.

Our mole traps are kill traps, meaning that the animal is not taken alive.  The most common styles are body-gripping traps, which kill the animal quickly.  Once trapped, we remove the body from the premises and dispose of it in a safe and legal manner.

We also can kill moles with poisons and fumigants.  These things are only moderately effective, but they do help.  As carnivores, moles are not particularly keen on eating pellets so such poisons can be ineffectual. However, we can introduce fumigants into their tunnels which take away their oxygen and suffocate the animals.  We have moderate success with fumigants.  The best and most effective means we have found to kill moles is trapping.

Allstate Animal Control employs professional trappers to perform wildlife control.  Call us to learn more about what we can do for you: 1-888-488-7720.