Ground Moles

Ground moles are carnivores.  They eat worms, grubs and larvae.  They find these foods below ground, as they tunnel around.  Although moles do not eat roots and plants, their tunneling activities can weaken or kill grass, trees, and other plants.

Moles are rarely seen because they live almost entirely underground.  Their presence can be seen by their molehills, which are conical heaps of dirt that the throw out of their tunnels.  Another way people notice moles is that they see brown lines across the grass, which is a result of tunneling that killed the grass from below.  Dying trees and garden plants are additional signs of underground mole activity.

Moles will turn a smooth, level lawn into rough, bumpy terrain.  A bumpy lawn is more difficult to mow and maintain, and can cause people to trip.  These are not dangerous animals in the attacking sense, but the aftermath of their tunneling can cause trip and fall injuries and is also very unsightly.

Ground moles can be controlled with traps or poisons.  Trapping is usually the preferred method as it tends to be more successful than poisons.  Allstate Animal Control has a variety of traps that work well for moles, and occasionally we use poison, too.  A property inspection by one of our qualified technicians can tell you which method would be best for your specific circumstances.