How to Get Rid of Ground Moles

Because moles live almost exclusively underground, they can be very evasive!

You probably will not ever actually seen them.  You can’t find their den.  You can never be sure whether they’re out there right now…or not.  All you know is that there are volcano-shaped piles of dirt and that grass and plants are dying.

If the evidence is there, moles are there.  However, this animal can be controlled.  They can be trapped, poisoned, and blocked.  It is possible to get rid of moles.

Allstate Animal Control technicians most frequently use traps to get rid of moles.  We almost always use kill traps for this animal.  These traps grip the animal’s body and puncture it, killing it swiftly. 

Another way to get rid of moles is to use poison, or fumigants such as Fumitoxin.  This is not as effective as trapping, but it is possible to have success through this method.  The poison must be activated underground since that is where the moles live, and a special license is required to purchase or to use it.  In some states, Fumitoxin is illegal for moles.  Check with us for the legal requirements in your location.

Another way to get rid of moles is by installing underground fences.   These fences extend into the ground, deep enough to deter moles from hanging around.  This is an effective long-term solution, but is quite labor intensive. 

To find out the particulars of how to best get rid of moles in your location and situation, contact us for an inspection.  Our animal control solutions are custom designed for every project.