Mole Extermination

The very best way to exterminate moles is to use traps.  We trap them, remove the bodies, then set the traps again.  In this way we are able to get rid of all the moles on your property.  Mole extermination may also be done through specially designed animal poisons.

Professional Trappers
Our professional trappers have the experience to evaluate a piece of property and decide where the most successful trapping locations will likely be.  An amateur trapper may not catch anything because he or she does not understand the behaviors and habits of this animal.  It is also very possible to injure oneself with the traps; most of them are not very user-friendly.  We use body-gripping traps to exterminate moles.  These traps grab and puncture the animal’s body, killing it quickly.

Poisons and Fumigants
It is also possible to exterminate moles through the use of poisons.  Fumigants are somewhat successful.  Not all fumigants are legal in all states, and some require a special license to purchase.  These are classified as Restricted Use Pesticides.

Identify the Culprit
You’ll know you have moles if you find conical piles of dirt on your property, and if you see lines of brown grass across the yard.  The brown lines are caused by mole tunneling.  The moles do not eat the grass roots, but they are like tiny, underground rototillers that rip up the roots.  Their digging damages and kills the roots which is seen from above as brown, dying grass.  Moles are also able to do extensive damage to tree root systems, as well as bushes, shrubs, flowers, and vegetable plants.

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