Mouse Traps

mouse trap

“If you build a better Mouse Trap the world will beat a path to your door.” At least that is the old saying.  And, maybe it is true.  People are always asking advice from us on mouse traps and how to catch mice.  For example, a customer asked, “How can I best get rid of mice in my house?  Do I really have to trap them or will they just leave after a while?” No, they won’t leave.  They will breed.  Yes, you do need to trap them to get rid of them.

There are two basic varieties of mouse traps:  live traps and kill traps.  Some people think they would prefer live traps because they don’t want to handle a carcass, but the mice do still have to be disposed of.  Is it sensible or fair to just walk outside and turn the mice loose?   They may return and continue to contaminate and damage your property.  Or, if you carry them a long ways off, they become someone else’s problem, spreading filth and disease there. 

Kill traps contain the carcass of the mouse.  The animal can’t get away and die in a wall or other inaccessible location in your home to create an unpleasant smell and attract insects such as maggots. Kill traps make sure the problem is taken care of.  Again, if you find this distasteful, hiring professionals like Allstate Animal Control will make sure the job is done right and the mice removed and disposed of.

Some intermediate methods, such as glue boards are also a variety of mouse trap, but the have many of the disadvantages of live traps and kill traps combined.  They will catch mice, if properly placed, but the mice will be alive when you find them and must be handled with great care.  Bites not only hurt, but become infected and worse with the diseases that mice are known to carry.

If you have any additional questions about mouse traps or would like efficient, professional help with removing mice from your home, we are the “better mouse trap”.