Mice in Attics

mice in attics

There are few things more disheartening than waking to the sounds of mice in the attic.  Skittering.  Scuffling.  Chewing. Squeaking.  It is amazing how much noise those critters make. 

Why do mice like attics so much?  They are protected and warm.  All that insulation is so cuddly and fluffy.  They crawl through the insulation making a series of “highways” that look like quarter-size tunnels through the fluff. 

Using the attic as a home base, it is easy for mice to access other parts of the home for food and water.  Mice climb surprisingly well and can move from the attic through the walls and between floors to the bathroom and kitchen or pantry.  Small holes, such as those created for electrical wiring and pipes,  provide ample access points for mice to travel to and from the attic.

The main thing to know about mice in attics is that if they can get there, they will.  Once mice have infested your attic an aggressive trapping plan is the best way to get rid of them.  Unfortunately, trapping and removing the mice is only the first step.  They will have left behind plenty of reminders of their presence.  To protect the inhabitants of the house, a bio-hazard decontamination needs to be done.  Insulation sprinkled with feces and soaked with urine must be removed and replaced.  All wiring and mechanical systems should be checked for contamination and damage, usually by chewing.  Damaged wire causes fire. Finally, all access points must be blocked or the mice will return to your attic in the future. 

Allstate Animal Control has the equipment and experience needed to get rid of the mice in your attic and clean up the mess so they don’t return. Call or contact us today.