House Mice

house mice
Droppings of a house mouse.

House mice. Field mice.  They are all grayish mice that have been coexisting with humans for as long as we have records.  That doesn’t mean they have learned to be any more polite or that people are any less frightened and annoyed by them than they were centuries ago.

When wildlife intrudes on human lives it never goes well and house mice are no exception to the rule.  Mice invite themselves in and begin pooping and urinating on everything.  What they don’t spoil with body waste they chew up—furniture, carpets, contents of dresser drawers.  And, the spoil and waste food stores as well.  Potato chips and raisins.  Bags of hot chocolate mix and sacks of flour.  House mice will gnaw into and spoil them all. 

House mice shy away from bright light and are most active at night.  In fact, many people’s first clue they have a mouse in the house is the surprising amount of noise the small creatures can make.  Running like race horses through the ceiling overhead, they sound as loud as racehorses, too, particularly at 2 a.m.  Other common noises are squeaking, scratching and chewing or gnawing.  All of these can be quiet, but most commonly are unfortunately loud.

The only effective way to control house mice is extermination.  If the mice have invaded a structure, such as a home or business, poison is a risky venture at best.  Trapping is still the best method for ridding yourself of house mice. Contact us at Allstate Animal Control and we will design a house mice removal plan customized for your particular situation.