Exterminate Mice

exterminate mice

The only effective ways to exterminate mice are traps and poisons.  Not nice words, but when mice have invaded your home or property, you want to get rid of them.  Let me say right here that you cannot scare them away, or wish them away, or intimidate them away.  Those sonic machines or flashing lights or other methods you may have heard of do not work.  I wish they did, too, but they don’t.  The only way to rid yourself of these pests is extermination.

Exterminating mice is important because if you don’t they will reproduce.  Quickly.  Aggressively.  Repeatedly. 

If you have mice in an open area such as a barn, the best you can hope for is to keep the numbers as low as possible.  This is best accomplished by a professionally tailored poison plan.

If the mice are interior, such as in your attic, absolute control is usually possible with an extermination, decontamination and exclusion plan.  Just remember that extermination is essential.  It is neither legal, practical or polite to do catch-and-release with mice using live traps.  In order to prevent the spread of disease, it is illegal in most areas to relocate wild animals.  And, would you want your neighbor to give you his mouse problem by relocating them onto your property?  Neither would anyone else.

Allstate Animal Control offers the most effective, professional mouse extermination services available.  If you have a mouse problem, interior or exterior, large or small, we can help.