Gopher Traps

dead gophers in traps
Gopher traps are the best way to get rid of gophers.

Many styles of gopher traps are available: live traps, kill traps, snap traps, claw traps and more.  We recommend body-gripping gopher traps to our customers.

Body-gripping gopher traps snare the animal and puncture its body, killing it swiftly.  These traps are fast and effective.  They are preferable over poisons because they do not introduce toxins into the environment, although at times poisons are the appropriate control method.    

Before the traps are laid, our technicians evaluate the property and the terrain to determine the locations with the most likely chances for success.  They set the traps and then return later to check them.  If a gopher trap is sprung and an animal caught, the technician will remove the animal and reset the trap.  This process continues until no more gophers remain.

With traps it is easy to know how many animals have been exterminated.  When we use poisons, we cannot be completely sure of how many were killed because we cannot retrieve the bodies.  Collecting the bodies is not important, but we can only assume that they reached the poison and died.  

Homemade gopher traps that catch the animals alive sometimes have a little success, but typically kill traps are the best option.  You can hear the opinion of a professional trapper by calling Allstate Animal Control at 1-888-488-7720, or use the Contact Us page to send an email.