How to Kill Gophers

dead gophers in a row
There are a lot of ways to kill gophers. It is not practical to catch them live.

The best way to kill gophers is with body-gripping traps.  These traps grab the animal as soon as it sets foot on the trap and kill it instantly.

Body-gripping traps are better than other methods of killing gophers.  Live traps, for instance, have a low success rate for this animal.  Poisons, smoke bombs and fumigants can be useful, but they add poisons and toxins to the scene which can be dangerous.  Fumitoxin, a gopher poison, is so dangerous that it can only be purchased by people possessing a license to use it.

Whichever method is used, it is important that the person setting the trap or laying the poison is knowledgeable of the equipment and chemical reactions.  Body-gripping traps are not very “user friendly”, and an untrained person could easily misfire the trap and injure himself.

Allstate Animal Control’s wildlife removal technicians have many years of experience in trapping a variety of wild animals.  We are familiar with every style of trap and we can evaluate a property to determine which method of animal control is most likely to have success.  We are also familiar with and licensed for Fumitoxin and other poisons, but usually we use kill traps because we have found this to be the best method.

Gophers cause a lot of damage to lawns, flowerbeds, tree root systems, gardens and golf courses.  The best way to control a gopher problem is to kill the gophers for as wide a radius as is possible and practical.  Give us a call and schedule an inspection today: 1-888-488-7720.