Gopher Extermination

dead gopher
We exterminate gophers to prevent damage to lawns, root systems, and underground utility lines. Gophers cannot be driven or scared away.

Allstate Animal Control technicians receive requests to trap individual gophers, and also requests to trap many gophers in large areas.  Whatever the size of your gopher infestation, we are equipped to handle the situation.  If you have nuisance animals in your yard, you may want to consider talking with your neighbors about pooling together for a neighborhood gopher extermination effort.  If you get rid of your pests and your neighbors don’t, the odds are much greater that the problem will return to your yard someday.

Some people do not like the idea of killing gophers, but there are not really and effective live traps or repellents to encourage them to go away.  These little rodents are truly pests, and can perform significant damage to lawns, gardens, flowerbeds and other plants.  Gopher extermination is the only way to control the problem.  We usually use body-gripping traps to catch gophers.  These traps puncture the animals’ bodies and kill them quickly.  Then we simply remove the bodies and reset the traps.

It is best to clean up as large an area as possible, such as an entire field at once.  The larger the gopher extermination zone, the better the odds that the area will remain gopher free.  A large-scale trapping effort puts a stop to reproduction, and wipes out the population for good.  Of course, there is always a small chance that at some point in the future a new population will come to inhabit the same area, but this chance is small if a thorough extermination has been performed.

If you have gophers on your property, it is best to act quickly before their population grows.  A small problem can quickly become a disaster if baies are born and allowed to mature.  They will destroy rose gardens, damage sprinkler systems, even chew through buried utility lines.  Call Allstate for more information about gopher extermination: 1-888-488-7720.