Baby Beaver

Baby beavers are called kits, or kittens.  They are usually born in litters of two to five animals.  They remain in the lodge for the first month of life, and then stay with their parents in a family group for two years.

Since a pair of beavers will typically have kits each year, it is common for families to consist of an adult pair of animals plus last year’s kits and this year kits.  Beavers are very social and work together as a family.

The baby beavers have a great advantage in staying with their parents for two years.  They learn well how to forage for food and how to build a lodge.  One-year-old beavers are able to do these things, but they are smaller and weaker than adults and may need assistance to survive.  Two-year-olds are nearly independent, but still gain from working together with the parents and family group.

After the baby beavers reach two years of age they are forced out of the colony and must set off to find a new home.  Often this is what has happened when customers call us and say a beaver has taken up residence on their property.  It is simply a youngster setting out on its own for the first time and establishing a new home.

We can help with removing the beaver from your property.  Call Allstate Animal Control at 1-888-488-7720.

Beaver removal can be a tricky business; it is best to hire a professional with experience.

trapper setting beaver trap

We remove pest animals and also help you prevent beavers from coming to your property again.

beaver mound

You will rarely see baby beavers. They usually stay within the den or underwater with mama.

trapper in river

We know how to get rid of beavers from canals, ditches, rivers, streams and all kinds of waterways.