Bat Habitat

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Bats will live in caves, but they also enjoy rafters, eaves, attics, belfrys, schools, churches, courthouses, government buildings...anyplace that offers what they need.

Bats only need a few things to survive: warmth, moisture, insects, and high shelter.  Any area that has these things is prime bat habitat.

Bats are often found in upper valley areas where it is not too hot and not too cold.  They hunt for insects at night, flying over fields, wetlands, hayfields and farmlands looking for things to eat.  When insect populations boom in an area, they will fly to wherever the new hatchlings are.  They are wonderful contributors to the environment and offer natural pest control for moths and many other insects. 

If the area they are in becomes too hot or too cold, they will relocate and follow comfortable temperatures and weather patterns.  They can fly thousands of miles to find a bat habitat that is just right in warmth, moisture and food supply.

Trouble begins when these flying mammals decide that a human structure is the bat habitat they desire.  If a building has structural defects such as gaps, cracks, or loose shingles, they may enter in and decide to stay permanently.  They need less than one inch of space to get in, and attics offer warmth and shelter and are the perfect place for bat nurseries.

A bat infestation will hurt your property values and presents a dangerous liability.  If your home, office, church or school has become a bat habitat, give us a call. 

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