Armadillo Removal

At Allstate Animal Control, we typically accomplish armadillo removal through trapping.  This is the most successful method we have found.

It is important to be prepared with the proper equipment when performing armadillo removal.  We have a variety of traps and baits that work well for this particular animal. 

Sometimes an armadillo will get stuck someplace, such as in a crawlspace or in a window well, and become unable to get itself out.  They are poor climbers, so they can easily die after falling into a window well or any hole with steep sides. 

Removing an armadillo from a hole can be tricky to do, and we recommend that you hire a professional instead of handling the animal yourself.  This is mainly because of the diseases that armadillos carry.  They are the only animals that can transmit leprosy.  They can also carry salmonella and rabies.

If needed, our technicians can also remove dead armadillos from crawlspaces, holes, porches, or anyplace they might be.  This is a dirty and smelly job; it is much easier to work with live animals than dead ones.

Armadillos are quite harmless to humans, meaning that they are non-aggressive.  However, it is still a good idea to have your armadillos removed because they can cause a lot of problems.  They dig up plants in flowerbeds and gardens, and can damage tree root systems.  They also leave holes everywhere as they dig for bugs and grubs to eat.

Allstate Animal Control photo leaping armadillo

Seen this guy around? Call a professional who knows how to get rid of armadillos.

Allstate Animal Control photo armadillo

Trapping armadillos can be done safely and humanely.

Allstate Animal Control photo armadillo on hind legs

An armadillo trap is usually the best way to catch these unique animals.

Allstate Animal Control photo armadillo

Our armadillo removal system will take care of your problem.

Allstate Animal Control photo armadillo

We offer complete armadillo control.